Planning a Trek to Nepal: Here is the packing checklist

If you are planning for a trekking to Nepal and getting ready to set a backpack, you must be wondering what to carry and what not. Below is the general list of essentials that are needed while trekking in Nepal’s Himalaya.

Please be noted: this list may vary according to your Trekking Destination, duration, complexity and preferences. You may consult with your travel specialist before you finalize your packing.

General equipment list:

  1. A standard size lightweight Backpack,
  2. Sleeping bag (At least 15-degree down) – consult with your travel specialist before you buy,
  3. A pair of hiking boots,
  4. Clothing:
    • 1 Rain jacket shell (of your favorite brand),
    • 1 Pair rain pants,
    • 1 Down jacket,
    • 1 Fleece jacket,
    • 1 Pair hiking pants,
    • 1 Pair hiking shorts (or sport shorts),
    • 1-2 Hiking t-shirts,
    • 2-3 Pair socks – thin running socks for warm weather & mountaineer socks for snow,
    • 1 Warm hat,
    • 1 Sun hat,
    • 1 Pair gloves or mittens,
    • 1 Sung glass (polarized recommended),
  5. Map, Compass and guidebook (Optional),
  6. First aid kit – better to have your own personalized first kit. Our crew members also carry them provide you in case of need,
  7. Sun protection creams,
  8. Headlamp,
  9. Pocket knife,
  10. Water bottle,
  11. A backpack cover (needed in case of rain),
  12. A pair of trekking poles/sticks,
  13. Small towel,
  14. Wristwatch,
  15. Toothbrush, toothpaste, tissue & toilet papers, hand sanitizers, wet wipes,
  16. Camera & Cell phone,
  17. Snacks and fast foods,
  18. Games, books and journals (if any special interest),
  19. Pen and a notebook and
  20. Cash, credit/Debit card, ID.