How to trek to Everest Base Camp?

We often get asked: how to trek to Everest Base Camp and how hard is it? And the answer is: it’s pretty simpler than we imagine. If you’re maintaining an active life with good physical fitness, you are ready to go. This stunningly beautiful destination has all those elements in order to give you a feeling of lifetime  experience.

First thing first – it’s not a mountain climb. It’s a trek that goes from easy to be challenging at times. You would not need any climbing equipment and training. For more information about day to day activities, destination and hiking grade, you can visit our pre-planned Everest Base Camp trekking trip. Here’s a bit of an insight.

Time duration for Everest Base camp trekking:

The straightforward answer is – it varies as per how you want to do it. There are multiple routes and ways. There is a classic route that goes all by drive & hike and it is around 25 days trek. There is another route via Gokyo lake. It is more challenging and takes around 18 to 20 days. But the most popular and easier one is fly to Lukla and trek straight to base camp. It is about 2 weeks of tea house trek, passing through beautiful mountain villages and sceneries.

Fitness level/ experience needed:

Well you do not need to have a mountaineering or years of hiking experience. All you need to have is good level of physical fitness and an active life. You need to be able to hike for 5 to 7 hours a day carrying 5-10 pounds of backpack. Our crew member will be standby in case any help needed. Walking in slow & constant pace and well acclimatization is the secret of successful trek.

Best time of the year:

There are two main trekking seasons being MARCH to MAY and SEPTEMBER to NOVEMBER. In these months, it is relatively easier to trek, and the view would be breathtaking. In other months, the weather condition would be unpredictable, and the trail could be more challenging. But still it is doable. Consult with your travel planner before you make your final decision.

 Is it dangerous?

It is not. But make sure you choose good travel planner and the guide is good experienced enough. It could be risky if you go on your own, or in a hand of bad guide, or without any pre-planning. Choose good food, stay hydrated and follow your guide. You’re all set to make it happen.